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What is zero? Zero and place value

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A math problem showing place value How can you add big numbers without an abacus? You still group the sheep (or whatever) just as you did when you were using the abacus, but now you write the numbers down using place values, so that your hundreds are all underneath your other hundreds, your tens are underneath [...]

Simple operations – fun with math

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Walk along a chalk line The four basic things you do with numbers are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Each of these is basically a way of describing how fast you are moving along the number line, and in which direction. Find out more about each of these by clicking on them! More about Addition More about Subtraction [...]

Commutative project – Chalk number line

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Walk along a chalk line To get to understand the number line better, mark out a line on the playground or on the sidewalk outside your house with chalk. At the middle of the line, write 0 (zero). Going one way along the line from zero, write the positive numbers a step apart (1, 2, 3, [...]

Percents, fractions, and decimals

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Each penny is 1% of a dollar. Percent comes from the Latin words "per cent". That means "out of a hundred," like there are 100 cents in a dollar. So "ten per cent" means ten out of every hundred. A dime is ten percent of a dollar. A dollar is ten percent of [...]