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Which one is the numerator? Fractions

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A pie cut into thirds The numerator of a fraction is the number on the top, just as the denominator is the number on the bottom. In the fraction 1/2, the numerator is one, and in the fraction 3/4, the numerator is three. The numerator tells you how many pieces of pie you're going to get to eat. If the [...]

What are logarithms? Numbers and math

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Earthquake in Peru Logarithms are a way of writing numbers using exponents. "Log 100" means the exponent you'd need to use to get 100 starting from 10. That would be 2, because 102 = 100. So Log 100 = 2, and Log 1000 = 3. Logarithms are useful for thinking about big numbers in general terms, when [...]

Which one is the denominator? Fractions

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A pie cut into thirds The denominator of a fraction is the number on the bottom (the top is the numerator). In the fraction 1/2, the denominator is 2. In the fraction 45/66, the denominator is 66. And in the fraction 2/3, the denominator is 3. For whole numbers, the denominator is always one, so when we say "three", [...]

Decimals and fractions – Numbers

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A number line is infinite in both directions. Decimals, like fractions, are a way of describing points on the number line that fall in between the whole numbers. If you were using fractions, you'd say that the point halfway between 1 and 2 was 1 1/2. In decimals, you'd call that same point 1.5. Each digit after [...]