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Dr. Karen Carr is Associate Professor Emerita, Department of History, Portland State University. She holds a doctorate in Classical Art and Archaeology from the University of Michigan. Follow her on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook, or buy her book, Vandals to Visigoths.
3 03, 2020

Women’s History Month articles

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If you don't want to center your Women's History Month on famous and powerful women, these are some of Quatr.us 's articles on ordinary women's lives: https://quatr.us/china/women-early-china-swimming-foot-binding.htm https://quatr.us/west-asia/girls-young-women-west-asia.htm https://quatr.us/greeks/women-ancient-greece.htm https://quatr.us/people-2/women-ancient-rome-gender-power.htm https://quatr.us/islam/medieval-islamic-women.htm https://quatr.us/history/european-women-history-women.htm [...]