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West Asian architecture – Ancient Mesopotamian architecture

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Mesopotamian architecture: The Ishtar Gate of ancient Babylon, built during the Neo-Babylonian period (600s BC). Now in Berlin. Mesopotamian architecture Builders in Mesopotamia always had a serious problem. There was not enough stone or wood. But there was lots and lots of clay. So their buildings were usually built of brick, or mud-brick. West Asian builders got used [...]

Sumerian architecture – Mesopotamia

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Sumerian architecture: the ziggurat at Warka (reconstructed by Saddam Hussein) Mud-brick and brick Like other people around the world, the Sumerians started to build big temples on artificial platforms around 3500 BC. They were living in the area between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers. in what is now Iraq. Because there's practically no building stone in this [...]

Shang Dynasty Architecture – Early China

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Remains of the Shang Dynasty palace at Erlitou The beginning of Chinese architecture Even as early as the Shang Dynasty, about 1500 BC, the buildings we know about look like later Chinese buildings - anyone would know they were from China, not from West Asia or Africa. More about the Shang Dynasty All [...]