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Thomas Paine – American Philosophy

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Thomas Paine (by Matthew Pratt, about 1790) In the late 1700s AD, around the same time that Voltaire, du Chatelet, and Rousseau were writing philosophy in France, and Hume was writing in England, Thomas Paine was writing philosophy in America. Paine was born in England, and his father was a Quaker, and owned a small business. Young Paine didn't go to [...]

Victorian England – British History

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Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom When the King of England, William IV, died in 1837, his niece Victoria became queen of England. She was also the queen of many other countries. But she was only 18 years old. Like the kings before her in England, Victoria didn't really have much power. Her Prime [...]

Commune and Third Republic – France

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Napoleon III - his capture led to the Third Republic Germany against France By the 1860s, France was nervously watching as the German states and Prussia combined into one country under Bismarck's control. In 1866, Napoleon III, the ruler of France, declared war on Germany, thinking to limit Germany's power. Bismarck and Germany Napoleon III [...]

What is a republic? Definition – representative government

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Hasdrubal, a Carthaginian general Definition of a republic In a republic, instead of voting directly about what they want to do, as in a democracy, people instead vote for people to represent them. Then those people decide what to do. Carthage in Africa The world's first republic may have been Carthage, in North [...]