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Ba’al – the Levant – West Asian gods

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Ba'al from Ugarit (Louvre Museum, Paris) He who shall not be named? All along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, in what's now Lebanon, Syria, and Israel, and down into the Arabian Peninsula, there was (and still is) a feeling that it's wrong to say the name of your god aloud. Instead, people called [...]

Early African Religion – what was the first religion?

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Early African religion: Standing stones at Nabta Playa (modern Sudan), ca. 6000 BC Early African religion - what was the first religion? The earliest evidence we have for religious faith anywhere in the world is from Blombos Cave in South Africa, where people may have been using red ochre for funerals about 100,000 [...]

Who is Tanit? An African goddess

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 A Phoenician moon goddess The goddess Tanit was a goddess of the moon  The goddess Tanit came to Africa from her home in West Asia with the Phoenicians, about 800 BC. They worshipped her at home (in what is now Lebanon) and they brought her with them and worshipped her in their new colony [...]