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Soap carving – Native American project

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Inuit walrus ivory carving (1800s AD) Do you want to carve your own small sculptures, the way Inuit artists did? Inuit artists carved animal bones, but it will be easier for you to start out by carving soap. Get a bar of soap from the store - Ivory soap is good because it [...]

Draw your own hieroglyphics – Ancient Egypt project

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Egyptian hieroglyphics project This is a project you can do inside the classroom, or on a rainy day. Look at hieroglyphs Show the children examples of Egyptian hieroglyphs. Explain that they are pictograms. Point out that some of the hieroglyphs are inside ovals, called cartouches (car-TOOSH). These are people’s names. Create your own [...]

What are E. coli bacteria? Cell biology

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E. coli bacterium under a microscope Where do E. coli bacteria live? E. coli are a very common kind of prokaryote cell that lives mainly inside mammals and birds, including inside you. What are prokaryotes? What is dysentery? All our biology articles What do E. coli bacteria do? They can only live for [...]

Vacuoles – Soap bubble project – Cell biology

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A child blows soap bubbles You can see how the lipid membranes around the cell and around the vacuoles seal themselves off using soap bubbles. Soap bubbles are a kind of lipid membrane. They're not exactly the same as cell membranes, but they're made of fat molecules and they act the same way. [...]

Lipids projects – Oil and Water – Biology and Chemistry Experiments

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Oil and water You can easily see for yourself how the amino acids, trying to get as far away from the water as possible, formed into little spheres or bubbles. Just take a glass of water and put it on the table. Then slowly pour in some vegetable oil. You'll see that the [...]