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Great Wall of China – Qin Dynasty China

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Chinese emperor's chariot and horses in a model When did the Qin Dynasty start? The Qin (or Ch'in) Dynasty is the one which gave its name to China. The first Qin emperor, in 221 BC, was Qin Shih Huang Ti. He started out as the king of a smaller state - possibly Central [...]

Who were the Kyrgyz? Medieval Central Asia

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Tash Rabat, Kyrgystan - a stop on the Silk Road (thanks Lonely Planet) By about 200 BC, the Kyrgyz people were living north of China, in central Siberia. Like other people of north Asia, they lived in yurts and rode horses. They were not very powerful, and came under the control of first [...]

Ivan the Terrible – Russian History

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Elena Glinskaya, ruler of Russia 1533-38 When Ivan the Great, the first Czar of Russia, died in 1505 AD, he left Russia just beginning to be an important power in Central Asia. Ivan's son Vasili, who succeeded him when he was 26 years old, conquered even more of Lithuania. In 1526, Vasili divorced [...]