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Stories of ancient India

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Harappan Seal One of the earliest known writing systems came from India, probably around 2500 BC. Unfortunately, nobody can read the Harappan writing yet. But we know people were using this writing to mark their property, so other people couldn't steal it, and to keep track of things. The writing was in pictographs, like Egyptian hieroglyphs. [...]

Dushyanta and Shakuntala – Cinderella in India

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Ganges river - wider and slower than the Indus More about the Indian Cinderella Well, King Dushyanta had forgotten all about his wife Shakuntala, because of the curse. The beginning of this story More Indian stories All our India articles Shakuntala goes to look for her husband So he never sent for her, while she gave birth [...]

Cinderella in India – Mahabharata

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Indian woman from the Mauryan period (ca. 200 BC), about the time of this Cinderella story How old is the story of Cinderella? This story comes from the Sanskrit epic poem the Mahabharata. Story-tellers were probably telling this story at least by 500 BC, during the Vedic period, and somebody wrote it down by 300 BC or so. This [...]