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Levers – Simple machines – Physics

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Levers: An orangutan child using a stick as a lever What is a lever? A lever is basically just a long stick that you push or pull against a fulcrum - a fixed object - to move something. A lever helps you move something heavy, or make something go fast. The earliest levers developed [...]

Science in Ancient Egypt – Pyramids and papyrus

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Ancient Egyptian science: Nilometer on Elephantine Island (Nile Valley Tours) Scientists in ancient Egypt Egypt was the richest part of Africa, so Egyptians could afford to educate a lot of people and there were a lot of scientists in ancient Egypt. These Egyptian scientists were especially interested in medicine, engineering, and irrigation. Doctors [...]

What is irrigation? Farming History

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Irrigation farming: an irrigation canal in Mali (Africa) Dry farming (without irrigation) Often people farm in a place where enough rain falls during the year (and at the right times) to water the plants just with rainfall. Farmers don't have to worry about the plants getting enough rain. That's called "dry farming" because [...]

How to build a shaduf – Ancient Egypt projects

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Egyptian shaduf project This is a project you should do outside on a nice warm day, because you are going to get wet! Egyptian shaduf project A shaduf is a machine to move water from a lower place to a higher place. You will need two large basins (or a creek and a [...]