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3 08, 2017

Philip Augustus and Blanche of Castile

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Medieval France: The castle at Dourdan, built by Philip Augustus Philip Augustus, King of France Louis VII's son, Philip Auguste, was much more ambitious and smarter than his father. Philip came to the throne in 1180 AD, when he was only fourteen years old. Go back to Louis VII Articles about medieval Europe Philip [...]

31 07, 2017

Sainte Chapelle – Paris – Conciergerie

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Sainte Chapelle, in Paris The Sainte Chapelle was (and is) a beautiful little church or chapel in France, on the island in the middle of the city of Paris. King Louis IX, also known as Saint Louis, and his mother, Queen Blanche of Castile, built it between 1241 and 1248 AD (before Louis left on the Seventh Crusade). King [...]

30 07, 2017

Sainte Chapelle project – Middle Ages

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Can you match each of these stained-glass windows from the Sainte Chapelle to the Bible story it illustrates? Noah's Ark Moses and the Burning Bush Marking the doors for Passover Parting the Red Sea God gives Moses the Ten Commandments Worshipping the Golden Calf Golden Menorah of the Ark of the Covenant Hanging of the [...]