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16 08, 2017

What is a photon? Physics of light

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Photons - Sunshine breaking through the clouds. When did the first photons appear? A photon is a tiny little particle of light, far too small to see individually. All light is made of photons (FOE-tahns). The earliest photons probably appeared about fifteen billion years ago, during the Big Bang. What's the speed of light? Unlike electrons and quarks, [...]

16 08, 2017

Building a radio – a physics project

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The graphite inside your pencil There's nothing magic about a radio. You can build your own radio out of plain ordinary things you can get at the store. Here's how. You'll need a detector, to pick the audio frequencies out of a radio wave. You'll need an earphone, to hear the radio with. [...]

29 07, 2017

Sine waves – trigonometry – math

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Sine wave In order to save energy, many, many things in nature move in a kind of repeated pattern we call a sine wave: water waves, sound waves, light waves, electricity, radio waves, and microwaves, for instance. The waves move in one direction quickly, then slow down until they stop, and begin moving [...]