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Medieval African food – what did people eat?

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Medieval African food: an olive orchard in Tunisia The Romans grow olive oil in North Africa The foods people ate in Africa didn't just stay the same. Instead, they changed slowly over time. Around 800 BC, with the arrival of Greek and Phoenician invaders, the people of North Africa began to plant olive orchards and produce olive oil. They ate a [...]

How to make aloco – West African food

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Aloco Heat a cup of red palm oil (or peanut oil if you can't get palm oil) in a frying pan. Peel and slice raw plantains (they're like bananas) into discs or chunks and sprinkle them with salt. Fry the plantains until they are golden brown. Take the plantains out of the frying [...]

History of Bananas – Southeast Asia

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A bunch of bananas Wild ancestors of banana trees grew in southeast Asia. Like chickens, bananas were first domesticated in southeast Asia, possibly as early as 8000 BC but certainly before 5000 BC. That's about the same time as apples and earlier than peaches and avocados and oranges. In southeast Asia and Papua New [...]