5 08, 2017

Austria-Hungary – Charles V to Ferdinand

By |2019-12-12T06:03:55-08:00August 5th, 2017|History, Modern Europe|Comments Off on Austria-Hungary – Charles V to Ferdinand

Joanna of Castile, daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain - the mother of Charles V Maximilian I and the Hapsburgs Maximilian I of the powerful Hapsburg family decided not to [...]

4 08, 2017

Albigensians – Cathars – Crusade

By |2019-01-21T10:25:15-08:00August 4th, 2017|Medieval, Religion|Comments Off on Albigensians – Cathars – Crusade

Albigensians were also called Cathars This story starts about 1050 AD, not long after the Capetians took power in northern France. Some Christian people in the south of France began to think differently about God from the [...]

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