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Japanese food history

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Japanese sushi The very earliest people who lived in Japan, starting about 40,000 years ago, lived mainly on fish caught from the sea, though they sometimes hunted local deer or other animals for their meat and they collected plenty of nuts and pears, too, and ate lots of seaweed with their fish. They picked sudachi fruit (like limes) and squeezed [...]

Where do peaches come from? China

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Peaches growing on a peach tree China was the first home of peaches. Peaches are related to almonds and apples, but apples and almonds grew further west, and peaches grew further east. People in southern China have been eating peaches since at least 1000 BC, and probably as early as 4000 BC. Many [...]

Where do almonds come from? West Asian food

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Almonds drying after harvest (Southern Spain) Wild almonds are related to peaches and apples. Almonds probably evolved about the same time, around five million years ago. Like peach trees and apple trees, almond trees made cyanide poison. That kept sheep and goats and rabbits from eating their fruit. Peach trees grew in East Asia (China), [...]

Food in ancient China – rice and tea

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Chinese food Chinese food: rice When you think of Chinese food you think of rice, and rice was the first grain that people farmed in China. There is archaeological evidence of rice farming along the Yang-tse River by about 6000 BC. (Read more about the history of rice) People cooked rice by boiling [...]