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Holy Roman Empire – Early Middle Ages

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Otto I (on a seal) After the death of Charlemagne, the Holy Roman Emperors got weaker and weaker. By 924 AD, a hundred years later, nobody even held the title officially. But in 962 AD a German king named Otto got the Pope to name him Holy Roman Emperor anyway, and that started the Holy Roman Empire up again. Otto's father, Henry, had [...]

Basil, Zoe, and the Armenian Dynasty

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Basil I (867-886 AD) Basil killed Bardas and took over as Roman Emperor in 867 AD. That started the Armenian Dynasty. People call it that because of Basil's Armenian ancestors. (Sometimes people call it the Macedonian Dynasty because Basil was born in Macedon.) Basil continued basically the same policies as Bardas had. He was nice to the Bulgars [...]