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Which one is the numerator? Fractions

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A pie cut into thirds The numerator of a fraction is the number on the top, just as the denominator is the number on the bottom. In the fraction 1/2, the numerator is one, and in the fraction 3/4, the numerator is three. The numerator tells you how many pieces of pie you're going to get to eat. If the [...]

Which one is the denominator? Fractions

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A pie cut into thirds The denominator of a fraction is the number on the bottom (the top is the numerator). In the fraction 1/2, the denominator is 2. In the fraction 45/66, the denominator is 66. And in the fraction 2/3, the denominator is 3. For whole numbers, the denominator is always one, so when we say "three", [...]

Medieval Islamic mathematics

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Indian numbers About 630 AD, just before the Islamic empire got started, people in West Asia learned from traders or traveling scholars about "Arabic" numbers. This new way of writing numbers really came from India. The Arabic word for numbers, in fact, is hindsah, which means "from India". The new numbers included for the first time a way to write [...]