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4 08, 2017

King Arthur and Mordred – Medieval England

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King Arthur (Flores Historiarum, 1200s AD) Mordred first shows up in writing as early as 960 AD. His name's in the Annales Cambriae, in the entry for the year 537 AD. He may even have been a real person, though stories grew up around him later. The story tells us that as King Arthur got older, he [...]

3 08, 2017

King Arthur stories – Knights of the Round Table

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King Arthur hunting, 1300s AD (British Library, London) Stories about King Arthur may be based on a real man who ruled southern England about 450 AD, just after the Romans left, but nobody knows anything much about this man, or even if he really existed. The stories seem to be a mashup of memories of this man and [...]