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24 08, 2017

What is Hanukkah? – Jewish holidays

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Hanukkah history: a Canaanite amphora, for olive oil or wine (Bronze Age, about 1300 BC) A harvest festival Like all other farming communities, Jewish people celebrated harvest festivals when important crops were safely harvested and stored. One of these harvest festivals was Passover, in March or April, when the first of the spring barley was ripe. Another was Sukkot, in [...]

16 08, 2017

Cynic philosophy – ancient Greece

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Diogenes the Cynic with his lamp (Roman sculpture, once in the Villa Albani) - the Cynics Who started Cynic philosophy? One of Socrates' students, Antisthenes, started his own group of philosophers called the Cynics in the late 400s BC. He argued - like Buddhists in India a little earlier - that a simple life without possessions [...]