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16 09, 2017

West Asian numbers – Ancient Mesopotamia

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Neolithic counting tokens Counting with tally sticks and tokens The earliest way of writing down numbers was to carve notches in tally sticks, and this method spread from Africa all over Europe and Asia. But by about 9000 BC, people in West Asia began to use a different method of counting. Instead of tally sticks, people made clay tokens in [...]

14 09, 2017

History of the Alphabet – West Asia

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Egyptian temple to Hathor at Serabit in the Sinai Early Writing Before about 1800 BC, all people in the world wrote using pictures that each stood for a word or a syllable. In Egypt, these were called hieroglyphs, and in West Asia, they were called cuneiform. Egyptian hieroglyphs Mesopotamian cuneiform Writing in China Maya hieroglyphs More [...]

9 09, 2017

Maya writing – Ancient Central America

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A page from the Madrid Codex It's possible that the Maya learned how to write from the Olmec, but there aren't any definite examples of early Olmec writing, so it might also have been the Maya who invented writing in the Americas. Like most other writing systems, Maya writing is a syllabary, not an [...]

9 09, 2017

Aztec language, writing, and literature

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An Aztec book, or codex (ca 1500 AD) Aztec writing and the Maya The Aztec system of writing was very much like the Maya system. Probably the Aztec people learned how to write from the Maya. Mayan writing Who were the Aztec? All our Central American articles What were Aztec books like? Aztec writers wrote their [...]

17 06, 2017

Writing in Ancient Egypt

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Book of the Dead Writing in Egypt goes back to pretty much the earliest writing anywhere. Nobody really knows yet whether the Egyptians figured out how to write for themselves. They might have learned about writing from the Sumerians, who also began writing about the same time, about 3000 BC. But the Egyptian [...]

17 06, 2017

Egyptian hieroglyphs – Invention of Writing

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Some of the earliest known Egyptian hieroglyphs (Abydos, ca. 3200 BC) Keeping records Soon after the Egyptian kings united Egypt into one country, about 3200 BC, they needed government officials to run things, and they needed to keep records. Somebody invented writing soon afterwards. From numbers to writing Sumerian cuneiform A hieroglyph project [...]

10 06, 2017

Draw your own hieroglyphics – Ancient Egypt project

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Egyptian hieroglyphics project This is a project you can do inside the classroom, or on a rainy day. Look at hieroglyphs Show the children examples of Egyptian hieroglyphs. Explain that they are pictograms. Point out that some of the hieroglyphs are inside ovals, called cartouches (car-TOOSH). These are people’s names. Create your own [...]