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19 07, 2017

After the Mughals – history of India

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Nader Shah The decline of the Mughal empire in the early 1700s resulted in India splitting up into a lot of smaller countries. In the north, Afghanistan tried to set itself up as an independent country. But then Nader Shah of Iran conquered all the way to Delhi in 1738 and, although he retreated from there, he took over [...]

30 05, 2017

The Silk Road to the Great Game – Central Asian History

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A melon stall in Central Asia After Tamerlane died in 1405, his Altaic people kept on ruling Central Asia, but not as one big empire. There were lots of little countries all across Central Asia. These countries did well at first, but the collapse of the Mongol Empire soon brought sad changes to [...]

30 05, 2017

Shah Durrani and Afghanistan – Central Asian History

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Ahmad Shah Durrani's burial mausoleum (Kandahar, Pakistan) Afghanistan after the Mongol Empire After the Mongol Empire collapsed, Afghanistan's land was mostly split between the Mughal Empire of India and the Safavid Empire of Iran. Early Afghanistan history The Mughal Empire The Safavids in Iran All our Central Asia articles Now that most Asian trade [...]