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Spiders and their Webs – Biology

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Fossil spider from the Cretaceous era Spiders evolved from annelid worms beginning about 540 million years ago. They were among the first land creatures with more than one cell. At about the same time, the first bigger land animals began to come out of the water: frogs and salamanders. These ate spiders. The earliest evidence of an orb [...]

What are arthropods? Biology

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Bee on a flower Insects, spiders, crabs, and lobsters are all arthropods, so there are a lot of arthropods on Earth. The earliest arthropods on Earth developed about 550 million years ago. That was during the Proterozoic period. Arthropods' ancestors were a kind of worm that was divided into segments, probably distantly related to [...]

Why do grasshoppers jump? – Biology

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Grasshopper sitting on a leaf When grasshoppers first evolved from earlier insects, about 300 million years ago, they lived in forests of huge ferns, and the main danger to grasshoppers came from frogs. Like frogs, grasshoppers evolved to be good jumpers.They ate mainly ferns. Grasshoppers jump by pushing with the big muscles in [...]

Why do ants eat bugs?

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A bunch of ants Ants evolved from earlier wasps about 150 million years ago, during the Cretaceous period. This was around the same time that mammals were beginning to become common, soon after the dinosaurs died out. This is how ants evolved: some wasps lost their wings and couldn't fly anymore, and some of [...]