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What causes the seasons? Earth science

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This is why it's hotter in summer and colder in winter. The reason it is sometimes winter and sometimes summer is that the Earth spins on a slightly tilted axis. You can see the red axis in the picture here (though really there is no axis to see; it's a direction, not a real stick). [...]

What are hurricanes? Weather science

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A hurricane in Cuba What is a hurricane? A hurricane (also called a typhoon or a cyclone) is basically a huge spinning wind. Okay, then why is there wind? How do hurricanes get started? Hurricanes form in the summer and especially in the fall, because they can only form where there is cold air high over warm [...]

Leaf project – Chloroplasts and Cell Biology

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Fall leaves from a maple tree You can see that leaves are only green because of the chloroplasts, because in the fall when the chloroplasts die, the leaves of the tree turn color and look yellow or orange to us. This is the color that the leaves are when they don't have any [...]