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What is water made of? Molecules and chemistry

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A big ocean wave The first molecules of water formed out in space, about 14 billion years ago, as part of the nebula left over after an early star exploded in a supernova. There were a lot of hydrogen and oxygen atoms floating around in these nebulae, and when they stuck together that [...]

What is an ionic bond? Simple science – Chemistry

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Ionic bond examples: Diagram of a molecule of salt, which uses an ionic bond When atoms get close together, sometimes they form ionic bonds that stick them together into molecules. These ionic bonds are generally stronger than covalent bonds. Unstable atoms form ionic bonds Some kinds of atoms, like sodium, have only one [...]

What are covalent bonds? – Atoms and Chemistry

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Covalent bonds: two hydrogen molecules bonding to an oxygen molecule Covalent bonds stick atoms together When two atoms come near each other, sometimes they stick together to make a molecule. One way they can stick together is by covalent bonding. Ionic bonding More about molecules What are atoms? All our chemistry articles Are covalent [...]