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7 09, 2017

History of iron and early steel

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S History of iron: a Greek black-figure vase showing a blacksmith at work (Athens, about 550 BC) Why do people use iron? The history of iron doesn't start until much later than bronze. Iron is harder to form into metal than copper or bronze, because it needs a much hotter fire and a more complicated process. What is [...]

13 07, 2017

Who is Hephaistos? Ancient Greek gods

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The Greek god Hephaistos' forge is a volcano. What is Hephaistos god of? The Greek god Hephaistos (heh-FAIS-toss) is the blacksmith god, the god of volcanoes and hot fires and smelting metal ore to make iron. People said he lived inside volcanoes, and when they erupted it was because Hephaistos was moving around. More about volcanoes Iron and [...]