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Later Assyrians – Mesopotamia – West Asian history

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Tiglath-Pileser III, king of Assyria But in 827 BC a great revolt, centered on Nineveh, at the end of Shalmaneser's reign forced the Assyrians to abandon their conquests in the west, and they were weaker for some time. The army did not go out every year to plunder anymore, and when the army did go [...]

West Asian beds – Mesopotamian houses

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Drawing of the grass bed inside a reed hut from Ohalo II (Galilee, 21000 BC) When people came to West Asia from Africa about 60,000 BC, they brought the idea of sleeping in beds with them. People in Galilee (modern Israel) were already sleeping in beds in the Paleolithic time period, about 21,000 BC. While earlier African [...]