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Early France: the Franks and the Merovingians

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Early France: A Merovingian fibula (a pin to hold a cloak on) from the 500s-600s AD Early France:  the Franks invade Gaul Who were the Franks? The Franks had been living for some time in northern Germany when the weakness of the Roman Empire tempted them to move south in the 400s AD. Compared to the Visigoths and [...]

Anastasius to Justin – Byzantine history

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The Byzantine empress Ariadne, who married Anastasius. Now in the Louvre museum in Paris When the Roman Emperor Zeno died in 491 AD, his widow Ariadne chose one of Zeno's advisors, Anastasius, to become the new emperor (and she married him too). Zeno left the Empire in good shape, with plenty of money in the treasury. Anastasius was an older man when [...]