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3 08, 2017

Matilda of Flanders – William the Conqueror

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Matilda of Flanders had this church built: Nave of Abbaye aux Dames (Caen, 1050 AD) Who was Matilda of Flanders? About 1050 AD, William the Conqueror married Matilda of Flanders. They were both rich Normans, and there weren't that many rich Normans yet at this time. So William and Matilda were distantly related to each other. The Pope had [...]

29 07, 2017

Caen – Abbaye aux Hommes

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The Romanesque Abbaye aux Hommes, in Caen (about 1050 AD) Vikings settle in Caen Caen is a port town in north-western France, on the Atlantic Ocean. When the Vikings invaded France in the 700s AD, eventually they forced the French king to give them the area around Caen (KAHN) to live in. There they got to be known [...]