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different kinds of moss growing in patterns

Moss garden in Virginia

For a simple project, go to any place that is often wet, like a pathway on the north side of your house, or the banks of a stream, or a park, and look for moss. Where does moss grow? Where does it not grow? Why? Does moss grow where it is always dark, like underneath rocks? Does moss grow where it is sunny? Will moss grow on wood? stone? dirt? plastic? glass?

Is there a place in your yard where the grass never wants to grow, like under a tree? Try making it into a moss garden. This will work under most trees but not as well under pine trees(conifers). If it’s a good spot for moss, there’s probably already some moss growing there. Just pull out the grass if there is any and let the moss take over. It helps to also clear off other stuff like acorns or leaves. There’s no need to water it or mow it – ever!

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