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Who was Anaximander? Infinity and Greek science

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Theater of Miletus, where Anaximander the mathematician lived Where was Anaximander from? Anaximander the mathematician was born about 610 BC in the Greek city of Miletus, in what is now Turkey. So he was able to have the great mathematician Thales of Miletus as his teacher. Thales was probably about 35 when Anaximander was twenty years old. [...]

Papier-mache dragon – Ancient China project

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Chinese dragon, made by kids at Laurelhurst School, Portland Oregon Beginning at least as early as the Chou Dynasty, around 1100 BC, dragons like this one were the symbols of the Emperors in China. In the Taoist view of the world, dragons were part of the yang. In China, people think of dragons [...]

History of Chinese Medicine

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Chinese medicine: a Chinese village doctor treating a man by burning herbs on his back (Song Dynasty, ca. 950 AD., now in National Palace Museum, Taiwan) What's the earliest Chinese medical book? Doctors wrote the earliest known Chinese medical writing, The Recipes for Fifty-Two Ailments, about 186 BC, around the beginning of the [...]

What is Tao? Taoism in Ancient China

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What is tao? A Later portrait of Lao Tzu Lao Tzu: What is Tao? Taoism is a philosophy or way of life. A man named Lao Tzu (or Lao Tsu) may have started it. He lived a little before Confucius and the Buddha, about 600 BC. Tao means the "way" or the "path". According to [...]