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Babylonian math problem – West Asian science

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A real Babylonian math problem on a clay tablet What math problems did Babylonian kids do? This is a real math problem assigned to Babylonian kids in Iraq about 1900 BC. See if you can do it. Here's the problem: Suppose you have two equilateral triangles, one inside the other. Can you figure out the area [...]

Geometry made easy!

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This is an equilateral trangle. The simplest geometric idea is the point, and then the line, the plane, and the solid. Shapes like circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles are flat, and we can think of them as being parts of a plane, flat like a drawing. Shapes like spheres, cubes, and pyramids are solid, and we can think of them as being part of the whole universe [...]

What is an isosceles triangle? Simple geometry

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This is an isosceles triangle. Isosceles triangles have at least two sides that are exactly the same length. This forces two of their angles to also be acute angles of exactly the same size. In this blue triangle, the two longer sides are the same length, which forces the two bottom angles to be the same size. If the [...]

What is a hexagon? Simple geometry

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This is a hexagon. See, it has six sides. A hexagon is a flat shape, all in one plane, with six sides all of equal length. Each of the six angles measures 120 degrees, so the total interior angles of a hexagon measure 720 degrees (120 multiplied by 6). The hexagon can be cut into six equilateral [...]

Equilateral triangle – Simple geometry

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This is an equilateral triangle. Equilateral triangles have all three sides exactly the same length. Because their sides are the same length, the three angles of an equilateral triangle are also all the same size, so they're each one third of 180 degrees, or 60 degrees. All three angles of any equilateral triangle are 60 degrees, no matter how [...]

Area of a triangle – Geometry

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Area of a triangle To figure out the area of a triangle, multiply the base by the height of the triangle, and then divide by two: (Base x Height)/2. That's because the height times the base gives you the area of a quadrilateral, and in this case it's the area of the quadrilateral made by putting together [...]