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What is a camera obscura? – Chinese Science

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What is a camera obscura? This is a large camera obscura: a dark room with an image projected into it. Who invented the camera obscura? The Chinese philosopher and scientist Mozi may have been the first person to write about a camera obscura, about 400 BC - anyway, Mozi's camera is the first [...]

How do eyes work? Evolution and Biology

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A flatworm with eye-spots Eyespots came first Living creatures have been able to tell if it's light out or not  for about two billion years. That's when some eukaryote cells evolved to be able to sense changes in their surroundings and react to them. More about eyespots The Proterozoic Eukaryote flagella All our biology articles For [...]

Pinhole camera science project – Biology and Evolution

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Use a Pringles can for the cardboard tube Your eyes, and the eyes of many other animals and insects, work the same way as a pinhole camera. Building your own pinhole camera will help you understand how this works. Take an empty Pringles Potato Chip can and wipe out the inside so it [...]