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Farming in Ancient Egypt

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Egyptian farming: Ancient Egyptian cattle plowing (Louvre Museum, Paris) The Egyptians started farming a little later than their neighbors in West Asia and about the same time as other people around the world, probably around 10,000 BC, but definitely by 5200 BC. At first people farmed by just digging a hole in the ground for [...]

History of farming – the beginning of agriculture

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History of farming: A field of wheat When did people start farming? People did not farm as a major way of getting food until around 12,000 BC. About that time, there was a climate change that made more food plants grow than before. Everybody got more to eat with less work than earlier [...]

Who domesticated cattle? Africa and Central Asia

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History of cows: Cows in a field The wild auroch Cattle are the tame version of the wild aurochs that used to live on the grass plains of Asia, Africa, and Europe. About 7000 BC, people in North Africa began to keep tame cattle. About 5000 BC, people in Central Asia did it too. [...]