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Mehrgahr – Stone Age India

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Clay figurines from Mehrgahr First people in India The first people reached India from Africa around 40,000 BC. There were probably still Neanderthals and Denisovans further north, but not in India. At first Indian people probably got most of their food from fishing and gathering shellfish, like other people around the world at this time. People leave Africa Early [...]

Indian art in the Stone Age

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Stone Age Indian art: Clay figurines from Mehrgahr The earliest Indian art comes from the Stone Age, starting about 4500 BC. People arriving from West Asia about this time brought their art ideas with them, and they made small clay figurines of women that look a lot like Sumerian figurines from about the same time. [...]

Indian architecture – Ancient India – History of Architecture

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Early Indian architecture: Rock-cut temples at Ajanta, India The Stone Age and the Bronze Age The earliest buildings anyone knows of from India are from Mehrgahr, from about 7000 BC. But the first real stone architecture dates to about 2500 BC, in the Harappan period in northern India (modern Pakistan). The Harappans built big cities, with walls around them [...]