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27 06, 2017

Bronze Age in northern Europe

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Bell beakers (ca. 2000 BC) The Yamnaya invade Europe About 3000 BC, a new wave of Central Asian people migrated west into northern Europe; these were the Indo-Europeans. We  also call them the Yamnaya. More about the Yamnaya The Stone Age in Northern Europe All our Northern Europe articles New stuff from Central [...]

27 06, 2017

Iron Age art of northern Europe

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Iron Age art: Villanovan cremation urn with helmet on top (ca. 900 BC) Is it okay to represent people? In the beginning of the Iron Age, about 1000 BC, people in Europe were still reluctant to represent the human form. The Villanovan cremation urns are just clay pots made to hold people's ashes, but [...]