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Science in Ancient Egypt – Pyramids and papyrus

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Nilometer on Elephantine Island (Nile Valley Tours) Egypt was the richest part of Africa, so Egyptians could afford to educate a lot of people and there were a lot of scientists in ancient Egypt. These Egyptian scientists were especially interested in medicine, engineering, and irrigation. The pyramids and temples, for example, show good [...]

Who was the Egyptian god Thoth?

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Thoth (Old Kingdom tomb) Thoth was the Egyptian god of the mind - of intelligence, thinking, reason, and logic. Egyptians often thought of Thoth as the heart and tongue of the sun god Ra. (The heart, because in ancient Egypt people thought the heart was where you kept your intelligence.) Thoth was one [...]

Who was Osiris? Egyptian god

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Bringing offerings to Osiris(New Kingdom, ca. 1300 BC) Osiris was an ancient Egyptian god of growing things, like the Hindu god Indra or the Greek goddess Demeter. That's why sometimes Osiris' face is green, like the Nile river whose floods made a good harvest in Egypt. Osiris was the oldest son of the [...]

Egyptian goddess Mut

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The lion-headed goddess Sekhmet, one way of showing the Egyptian goddess Mut (Vatican Museum, Rome) Mut means "mother" in Egyptian, and in Ancient Egypt people worshipped Mut as a mother goddess beginning as early as the beginning of the Old Kingdom, about 3000 BC. Mut was the mother of everything, the whole world, [...]

Why were there mummies in ancient Egypt?

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Mummy from the New Kingdom(Vatican Museum, Rome) Because Egypt is a very dry place, where it hardly ever rains, the ground there is also very very dry. When you bury people in such dry ground, they often don't rot. There are too few bacteriaalive in the ground. Instead, the bodies often gradually dry [...]

Who was the Egyptian goddess Isis?

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Isis and her baby Horus (Middle Kingdom, now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York) The goddess Isis, in Egyptian mythology, was married to her brother Osiris (just like Hera was married to her brother Zeus). Isis means "the queen", in Egyptian. Then their enemy, the god Set, killed Osiris, and tore him apart. [...]

Egyptian religion – Gods of ancient Egypt

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Egyptian religion: Weighing the souls of the dead Polytheism and Egyptian religion As in the rest of Africa, the people of ancient Egypt were polytheistic throughout the Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom, and the New Kingdom. That means that they believed in many gods. Some of these gods were Ra, Anubis, Seth, Osiris, [...]