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What would you look like in Egyptian art? – a project

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What would you look like in Egyptian art? Ancient Egyptian sculptors wanted to show what people were really like inside, not just what they looked like on the outside. What if you drew two portraits of yourself - what you really look like on the outside, and what you are really like - [...]

Ancient diseases and doctors – History of medicine

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Greek doctor letting blood out of a patient because he believes in the four humors Ancient doctors tried to cure everyone who was sick, but they did better with some diseases than with others. Let's look at some common diseases and see what Egyptian, Roman, or Islamic doctors were able to do about them: 1) the common cold virus: [...]

Guide for the Perplexed – Maimonides

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Cordoba synagogue (1315 AD, rebuilt from Maimonides' time) When Maimonides was a child, in the 1100s AD, he studied Jewish religious law in the Cordoba synagogue. When he was a young man, he studied Aristotle and other scientific philosophers at the University of Fez in Morocco. Then when he grew up, Maimonides became a famous doctor, and also a famous rabbi. How [...]

Fatimid Caliphate – Medieval Islam

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Bab Zuweila (Cairo, 1092 AD) In 908 AD, a new family rose up in Egypt and took control of Egypt from the Abbasids. This family was called the Fatimids, after Mohammed's daughter Fatima, because they claimed to be descended from her. The family began as leaders of a heretical Shiite Islamic sect, the Ismailis (ish-my-EEL-ees), in Yemen in the [...]

Who was Euclid? History of Geometry

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An Egyptian papyrus from about 100 AD which is a piece of one of Euclid's books Nobody knows much about Euclid's life anymore - it is all forgotten. We only know that he worked at the University of Alexandria, in Egypt, for a while. There are no pictures of him. We can't even be sure [...]

Who was Eratosthenes? Astronomy and math

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A classroom at the University of Alexandria (al-Ahram 2004) Eratosthenes was born about 276 BC in Cyrene (modern Libya). When he was still young he moved to Alexandria, in Egypt, and in 236 BC, when he was forty years old, he became the chief librarian at the great library there. Eratosthenes spent the rest of his life in Alexandria, where [...]

What is schistosomiasis? Ancient Egypt

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Fishing in the swamps on the edges of the Nile River from the tomb of the astronomer Nakht Sixth Dynasty (New Kingdom, ca. 1400 BC) Because pretty much all the people in Ancient Egypt lived right on the banks of the Nile River, many of them caught a river parasite which causes a [...]