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You’re going to love it here. You’ll find cartoons, articles, artwork, videos, music, recipes, free stuff, and free discussions, all centered on some really basic principles of kindness, support, abundance, activism, and joy. This is what you can expect:

1. Kindness, always, from everyone to everyone else: here we assume that everyone’s motivations are good, and we try to help each other.

2. Support, especially from anyone with any kind of privilege to anyone who has less. If you’re black or brown, female-identified, gay, or trans, or you’ve lived in poverty, or you haven’t gotten much education, we expect anyone here who has had more help to share their luck with you.

3. Abundance is all around us: there’s plenty of everything to go around. Here we share and we give, we let go of things we don’t want and rejoice when they land with people who want them. We know we don’t really need very much, and what we need isn’t so hard to get.

4. Activism, because we can leave the world better than we found it, and because we need each other to know we’re not the only ones fighting. Do we go to protests to see each other, or to speak to power? Both! This is a place to organize, to find out what’s happening, to ask us to help, to celebrate gains (or mourn losses).

5. Joy, because we’re here now, and we’re happy now. We’ll celebrate your new baby, your mom’s life, your new freedom, your new artwork, your new dress, or whatever else you feel good about. We’ll dance, and sing, and hug each other. We’re working towards a better tomorrow, but we’ll find ways to do that in joy today.

By Karen Carr

Dr. Karen Carr is Associate Professor Emerita, Department of History, Portland State University. She holds a doctorate in Classical Art and Archaeology from the University of Michigan. Follow her on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook, or buy her book, Vandals to Visigoths.

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