Arch of Titus - triumphal arch in Rome answers questions

Arch of Titus

Arch of Titus interior
Interior of the Arch of Titus

The inside of the arch has relief (raised) carvings showing the victory parade when Titus got back to Rome.

Here's a closeup of the carvings:

You can see the Roman soldiers carrying a huge menorah (candlestick) which they had taken from the Jews. They are about to go under a triumphal arch.

On the other side, the Emperor Titus (whose head is missing now) rides in a chariot drawn by four horses.

The holes were made by people in the Middle Ages digging out the lead clamps which once held the travertine blocks together. They wanted to melt down the lead to make new things.

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Bibliography and further reading about the Arch of Titus:

The Colosseum & the Roman Forum, by Martyn Whittock (2002). Easy reading.

The Roman Forum, by Michael Grant (1970). Out of date, but Michael Grant is an entertaining writer with a simple style which teenagers may appreciate.

Ancient Roman Art, by Susie Hodge (1998). Easy reading.

Roman Art: Romulus to Constantine, by Nancy and Andrew Ramage (4th Edition 2004). The standard textbook.

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