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After the death of Solomon, however, the kingdom of Israel was divided between two of his sons (according to the Bible). Certainly Israel was divided into two different kingdoms around 900 BC.Israel was in the north, and Judah was in the south. This was the time of the prophet Elijah.
You might think that the Jews would be conquered by foreigners if they split themselves up in this way so that each half was weaker than they would have been together. But at this time most of West Asia was ruled by the Assyrians, and the Assyrians were satisfied to get tribute from the Jews, without really conquering them. On the other side of Israel, Egypt was being ruled by the Saites, from Ethiopia in the south, who were not so interested in conquering in the north.

The Bible doesn't talk too much about the Assyrians, but it does mention (in the second book of Kings) an Assyrian king who gave 6000 gold pieces to have his general cured of leprosy.

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