Finding different kinds of rocks - a geology project answers questions

Identifying rocks

granite stairs
Queens Borough Public Library

To see the different kinds of rocks for yourself, take a walk around your town. Can you find examples of granite, limestone, slate, and marble on the buildings downtown? Can you find travertine? (this one might be more difficult).

Can you figure out why the architects chose each type of rock? Why use granite for stairs and not marble? Why is limestone a better choice for big blocks of stone than slate is?

More about rocks
Another geology project

Bibliography and further reading about rocks:

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Professor Carr

Karen Eva Carr, PhD.
Assoc. Professor Emerita, History
Portland State University

Professor Carr holds a B.A. with high honors from Cornell University in classics and archaeology, and her M.A. and PhD. from the University of Michigan in Classical Art and Archaeology. She has excavated in Scotland, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, and Tunisia, and she has been teaching history to university students for a very long time.

Professor Carr's PSU page

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