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PDX Free Store Funding

We don't need any funding to have regular monthly stores - churches, schools, and other organizations have been happy to let us use their spaces. But we're raising money to take it to the next level. First, we'd like to get a truck so we could recycle big heavy things too - beds, play structures, cribs, couches, tables, lumber, garden dirt, doghouses. We could also use the truck to help people move, or to distribute food boxes. Second, we'd like to pay somebody a small part-time stipend to drive the truck around, because if we have a truck we want to make sure it gets used. And third, we'd like to rent a permanent storefront for the free store so we could do better sorting and be available more convenient hours for shopping and donations (we'd still do the big monthly stores too.) All three things together will cost about $30,000 a year: if 300 people each give $100, we'd be there! To give securely, please visit our Patreon site.

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