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PDX Free Store Frequently Asked Questions

- Don't people just grab everything and shove each other?
No, they mostly don't. We trust people to be nice, and we treat them as our guests, with music, decorations, cookies. Someone greets people at the door. Mostly people act like they're at a fun party.

- What if someone takes more than their share?
We'll be delighted that all that stuff was saved from the landfill! They can take the whole room full of stuff if they want. It's all stuff nobody wanted, and there's plenty more of it where that came from. If it all goes quickly, we'll close early and go get some ice cream. We'll have another free store soon with more stuff.

- What if people come who aren't really poor?
We aren't trying to give just to poor people - we give things to everybody. We're trying to keep things out of the landfill. Anyone can take as much as they want to. (If you find you took too much, you can always return things at the next free store.)

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