Eating Refried Beans answers questions

Refried Beans

Tacos (thanks to Taco Bell)

You've probably already done this lots of times, but if you haven't, why not start now by having a taco with refried beans in it for lunch or dinner? There are lots of Mexican restaurants all over the United States where you can get a taco.

Or make refried beans for yourself at home. Just take a cup of dried pinto beans and soak them in water overnight. About an hour before dinner, put them on to boil with plenty of water, and boil them (covered) until they are soft all the way through. Drain most of the water off. Heat some cooking oil in a frying pan and saute a chopped onion with some salt and cayenne. When the onion is soft, add the beans and a little of the bean water, and stir them and mash them until they turn into refried beans, about five minutes.

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Professor Carr holds a B.A. with high honors from Cornell University in classics and archaeology, and her M.A. and PhD. from the University of Michigan in Classical Art and Archaeology. She has excavated in Scotland, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, and Tunisia, and she has been teaching history to university students for a very long time.

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