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Life in Ancient Egypt

model of women spinning and weaving
Egyptian women spinning and weaving
(Model from the Tomb of Meket-re in Luxor,
11th dynasty (ca. 2000 BC),
now in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo)

Like other Africans, Egyptian people had dark skin to protect them from the African sun. Egyptian people spent most of their time outside, where the light was good, since it hardly ever rains in Egypt. Mostly they were farming, but they also made clothes, built houses and made furniture, and sailed boats.

Model of men on a boat
From the same tomb, men on a boat

Most Egyptian kids lived with their fathers and mothers in a family. Most kids had a lot of sisters and brothers and cousins. They lived in small apartments with courtyards, often with just one room for their whole family. Very few Egyptian children went to school, and even fewer went to college. Mostly kids worked in the fields farming alongside their mothers and fathers. Many Egyptian children were slaves. Slave children also farmed and made cloth, but they got less food and were more likely to be beaten.

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