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Persian archer
Persian archers

If you're a teacher, parent, or day camp counselor thinking of spending a week or so on ancient West Asia (Mesopotamia and Persia), here's some ideas other people have found useful:

Clothes: For boys, as in the picture, a long colorful tunic down at least to the knees, and brightly colored leggings underneath, preferably with patterns on them (like pajamas). You'll also want a headband over your hair, and possibly a short cloak over the top. Adult men wore short, trimmed beards.

For girls, a tunic below the knees, but still not to the ground, and leggings like the boys. The Indian salwar kameez would be pretty much perfect (you can order them online). You'll also want a matching piece of cloth to wear over your head as a scarf or to pull over your face as a veil. (More on West Asian clothing)

Food: To serve at a West Asian lunch or dinner, you want pita bread or naan, dates, figs, apples, lentil soup or barley vegetable soup if you can cook things, yogurt, and/or cucumbers. If you want meat, roast lamb or shish-kebabs of onion and lamb would be appropriate.(More on West Asian food).


* Making a backgammon board
* Bicycle races
* Making a cuneiform tablet
*Making a Mesopotamian plate
* Molded bricks to make a larger image
* Drawing an Assyrian wall carving story

Bibliography and further reading about ancient West Asia:

More about West Asia
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