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Golgi Bodies Game

Golgi Body
Taken with an electron microscope
at the University of Melbourne, Australia

Here's an active game where you can act out what a Golgi body does.

Form into groups of eight, and find a big area, like one half of the gym, to be the cell. One player is a lysosome; she just stands in the cell. One player is a Golgi body. He stands in the cell. One is the endoplasmic reticulum. The other five are the molecules, who each hold some Legos. The endoplasmic reticulum takes pieces of Lego and puts them together, and then hands them back to the molecule, who floats over to the Golgi body. The Golgi body checks out the Legos and adds another Lego to show where that molecule should go. The molecule goes either to the lysosome, or to the cell membrane, or out of the cell. The goal is to be the first team to get all five molecules to the correct place.

What is a Golgi Body?
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