Who is Tanit? - African Goddess
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Who is Tanit?

A tombstone from Carthage
with the symbol of Tanit

The goddess Tanit came to Africa with the Phoenicians, about 800 BC. Tanit was a moon goddess, maybe the same as Ishtar or Astarte. She also seems to have absorbed an older Berber goddess.

silver coin with woman's head on one side and lion and palm tree on the other
Head of Tanit on Carthaginian silver coin

People thought of Tanit as being married to another Phoenician god, Baal. Tanit's symbol appears on gravestones and temples all over North Africa, and on Carthaginian coins. People worshipped Tanit in North Africa not just during the Carthaginian period but all through the Roman Empire too. But when most people converted to Islam about 700 AD, then people gradually stopped worshipping Tanit.

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